About B-Epic Company

The Story

B-Epic is an MLM company founded in 2016 by Mr. Eric Caprarese. Eric has been in the MLM industry for over 30 years and was voted as one of the Top 100 MLM Mentors within his industry. He has been placed in the top 50 for The Top Direct Selling CEO In The World and has a customer base that supports his vision and products.

The company manufactures and distributes the most advanced high-performance lifestyle products and is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of health, technology, and science.

With decades of expertise in the industry, Eric began working together with top scientists, nutritionists, formulators, and health and wellness specialists. These experts were committed to developing the most advanced performance product on the market using cutting-edge extract technologies. The BEpic products produced using the latest research of the raw ingredients used for centuries in ancient medicinal practices worldwide. To ensure maximum potency, they source the purest, whole-food ingredients. Besides using only the highest quality raw materials, the BEpic product is made in their top-notch manufacturing facility to guarantee quality.


BEpic products are manufactured in Utah (USA) at "5StarLabs" - a leading global manufacturer in health and beauty. The factory's annual turnover is more than 1 billion dollars, and the products are made for more than 100 MLM companies. Products are produced on the new specialized equipment, assembled in 2017, certified according to GMP, ISO, NSF, Halal and Kosher standards.


Success is BEpic's appealing marketing plan. BEpic's excellent marketing strategy put the company out of the competition. It made it the biggest competitor in the world's family-owned business. Increasing the quality of human life, confidence, efficiency, and financial comfort are the business's key advantages. BEpic is the mains-operated marketing business. Hence, not all of its production is sold in regular shops, supermarkets, drugstores. It is not possible to purchase the production of Elev8, Acceler8 capsules, and other products from B-Epic in drug stores and supermarkets anywhere in the world. Elev8 and Acceler8 can only be bought in any country of the world on the official website of the BEpic company.

B-Epic System

The B-Epic company offers an easy-to-follow business system that is 100% cloud-based, so you have no inventory to bother about and don’t have to do any shipping or collecting payments. Customers order online via your B-Epic website, and we ship everything to them straight from our warehouse. The company takes care of all these issues. Your task is to build a customer network of consumers. Building a network is done in many ways, but the main one is your recommendations that attract new customers. And the company pays you for recommendations!

What BEPIC offers

The company pays money to each participant in the chain of recommendations as a percentage of orders' price. Yes, you get a share on every purchase in this chain! At the same time, you do not need to sell products yourself! Each consumer buys products directly through the company's online store (using your so-called sponsorship code). But, of course, if you want to, you can sell products, earning even more! Partners act as advertising agents. B-EPIC does not need to spend money on advertising and offline stores, and it pays saved money to partners. In general, Bepic pays up to 80% of its profits to the partner network. You may think that 80% is a lot and the product is becoming more expensive because of this? Let's figure it out! The price of the products you buy in the store includes the income of regional and local wholesale intermediaries, the cost of the retail store's maintenance and profit, and advertising costs. As a result, chewing gum costs 20 cents, but we buy it in a store for $ 2. B-Epic saves on intermediaries, and therefore can pay you for recommendations!

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